John Lewis – Christmas 2016 #BusterTheBoxer

The official John Lewis Christmas 2016 TV advert is finally here. It seems that the 10 second teaser advert released earlier in the week was genuine.

Featuring Buster the Boxer dog, this predictably heart-warming ad shows Buster looking onward as various animals enjoy jumping on a trampoline in the garden. The trampoline was given as a Christmas present to a little girl. First, we see a pair of foxes who are later joined by a badger a squirrel and a hedgehog.

Then on Christmas morning he gets to enjoy the trampoline before the little girl runs out of the house to enjoy her new Christmas present.

The music in the 2016 John Lewis advert

Song: One Day I’ll Fly Away | Artist: The Vaults

The music in the 2016 John Lewis advert is a cover version of ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’  by Randy Crawford. The version in the advert is performed by British electronica band ‘The Vaults’ which is available for download.

Download track on Amazon Music