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Uber Advert Piano Music – Thank You For Not Riding

This new Uber advert shows communities and households dealing with the coronavirus lock-down to some soft piano music.

In the commercial, we see deserted streets, people waiving to each other and leaving messages from their windows. We also see families coming up with more creative, fun things to do at home and of course the daily ritual of keeping in touch online.

The advert concludes by saying “Stay at home for everyone who cant” and “Thank you for not riding with Uber”. It highlights the realisation that while some stay stuck indoors, others are dealing with much worse things away from their home.

As with many brand’s commercials during this difficult time, Uber are doing the responsible thing and advising their customers to stay at home; the exact opposite to what their central message would be in normal times.

The music in the advert

Music: Promise Me | Artist : Beacon Street Studios

The piano music in the new Uber 2020 coronovirus advert is a piece called “Promise Me” recorded by Beacon Street Studios. It was written especially for the Uber advert by the Venice-based production company. The song as far as we can tell has not yet been released for commercial download.

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