On The Beach 2021 advert – Everything’s Better

Everything’s better on the beach according to this advert by travel and tourism company On The Beach. Rock legend Iggy Pop returns providing the voice-over in this new advertising campaign. The advert reflects on all the restrictions the pandemic brought, drawing on the details that made 2020 one of the most memorable years ever.

The advert features slow-motion images of a crowd of people enjoying the freedom to run along the beach in to the sea. We hear Iggy saying “we pick ourselves up and we start again. Knowing that the sun is always shining somewhere and at some point, someday, you’ll be on your dream holiday thinking… is it too early for a drink?”

The ad concludes with a shot of a shirtless Iggy Pop standing at the shore looking out towards the horizon.

The music in the 2021 On The Beach Advert

Music: Sunday | Artist : Iggy Pop

The music in the 2021 Sainsbury’s Price Lock advert is the 1958 song “Over and Over” recorded by American R&B singer Bobbdy Day (real name Robert Byrd). He’s perhaps best known for his solo recording of ‘Rockin’ Robin’.

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