DialAFlight advert music – We Will Be Back

This new DialAFlight advert exclaims that “We Will Be Back” as the commercial with piano music in the background reflects on the past year. The ad says that “The world may seem different. It slowed down the pace, but it’s kind of okay not having to race.” The advert while showing us various holiday destinations goes on to say that when this is over “we can leave our front doors and see past this great hill to far away places”.

The music in the DialAFlight advert

Music: Anthem of inspiration | Artist : Roman Senyk

The piano music in the DialAFlight advert is a song called “Anthem of Inspiration” released in 2020. The song is a piece of copyright free orchestral music composed by Ukrainian musician Roman Senyk.

He works under the brand RomanSenykMusic which has produced works for cinematic, trailers, soundtracks and film scores. The audio engineer has created music in many genres including pop, soft pop, pop-rock, electro pop, acoustic music, ambient piano music.

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