Holiday Inn – We’re There. So You Can be Too

This Holiday Inn advert for 2019 shows various couples enjoying laughing in each other’s company. The commercial features couples, friends, work mates and parents with their child all enjoying life together. The tagline of the ad is “We’re There. So You Can be Too” to invite viewers to check-in to one of the many Holiday Inns scattered up and down the UK.

The music in the advert

Music: The More We Get Together | Artist : Raffi

The music in the Holiday Inn 2019 advert is a is a traditional British folk song called The More We Get Together released in 1976 by Children’s music artist Raffi. The tune for the song was taken from a 1679 Viennese tune by Marx Augustin, “Oh du lieber Augustin”. Raffi’s version was from his “Singable Songs For the Very Young” album.

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