Lynx Daily Fragrance – Tom’s Sw...

May 02, 2016No Comments

Music Track: Commissioned

Music Artist: Commissioned

Lynx Daily Fragrance - Tom's Swing
The lastest TV ad by Lynx for their Daily Fragrances features a track

Lynx – Find Your Magic

Jan 27, 2016No Comments

Music Track: Diamond Hoo Ha Man

Music Artist: Supergrass

Lynx - Find Your Magic
The Lynx 'Find Your Magic' commercial says 'Who needs a six

Lynx Black – Bring The Quiet

Mar 24, 2015No Comments

Music Track: Welcome To The Jungle

Music Artist: Novo Amor

Lynx Black - Bring The Quiet
Lynx's new more subtle

Lynx – Soulmates

Jul 17, 2014No Comments

Music Track: One

Music Artist: Order Of Era

Lynx - Soulmates
Lynx have upgraded their range of products and in

Lynx Excite – Even Angels Will Fall

Mar 15, 2011No Comments

Music Track: The Fallen Angels

Music Artist: Sexy Boy

Lynx Excite - Even Angels Will Fall
Lynx continue their humorous

Lynx – Summer Holiday

Mar 01, 2011No Comments

Music Track: Lucky Man

Music Artist: Courtney John

Lynx - Summer Holiday
No description available… Read More

Lynx – Spray More

Mar 15, 20061 Comment

Music Track: Dies Irae

Music Artist: Karl Jenkins

Lynx - Spray More
This very memorable advert by Lynx illustrates to