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Mercedes A-Class – Technology at your fingertips

Music: Yellow | Artist : Jonas Max Paul Meyer

Mercedes A Class - Technology at your fingertips

Mercedes-Benz promote their new A-class saloon with this TV ad. Viewers are told they can have technology at their fingertips with this car. Drivers can “Get to know a car…

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Mercedes-Benz – GLC

Music: Oh! You Pretty Things | Artist : MMODE
Mercedes-Benz - GLC
This advert from Mercedes-Benz promoting the GLC (their mid-size SUV) has spawned a lot of requests on sounds-familiar despite the

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Mercedes-Benz – Approved Used

Music: Bulletproof | Artist : La Roux
Mercedes-Benz - Approved Used
This advert by Mercedes-Benz promoting their Approved Used service uses the analogy of a women not having much luck in finding

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Mercedes-Benz – C Class

Music: By My Side (Cover)| Artist: Martin Gallop
Mercedes-Benz - C Class
This new advert by Mercedes-Benz for their C-Class Saloon and Estate has the tagline “Go wherever your heart takes

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Mercedes-Benz – GLA 2016

Music Track: Tobago

Music Artist: Jonas Rathsman

Mercedes-Benz - GLA 2016
Mercedez show off their GLA CDI Sport Auto with 3 years free servicing in this short advert. The song in the ad

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Mercedez-Benz – Approved Used

Music Track: No Diggity (feat. Dr Dre)

Music Artist: Blackstreet

Mercedez-Benz - Approved Used
Mercedes-Benz promote their Aoorived Used scehem with this TV ad featuring the 1996 R&B hit No Diggity by Blackstreet

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