ASDA – Halloween 2017

11th October 2017

Music Track: Word Up

Music Artist: Cameo

ASDA have launched this spooky advert for Halloween with the title “Home For All Things Haunted”. Using Shazam during the app launches a cool app on your mobile devices to have some fun with augmented singing with your front camera. The music in the advert is the 1986 hit Word Up by American funk group Cameo.

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    • Hi Lauren

      Many thanks! And please congratulate your sister on the success of this advert which she stars in. A great production and great performance which has clearly had quite an effect on the British viewing public.

  1. Absolutely LOVE the advert. That little girl is the best thing on t.v. at the moment. So talented. I’ve watched all the Halloween ads and this is the outright winner in my opinion.
    Next up will be the Xmas ads. Bring em on !

  2. Great ad, I’d love to know who the little girl is too. She has great timing and is a natural talent for sure.

  3. Love asda halloween advert. Little girl brilliant and should be on britain got talant. Amazing child

  4. Who is the girl? She’s a great dancer!

  5. Fantastic advert makeup and choreography superb the lead girl is so fabulous difficult to watch anyone else. Love the music too top advert.

  6. Everyone wants to know who the little girl is as she just makes the ad, Who is she?

  7. Fantastic ad. The young girl is brilliant and those green eyes are the icing on the cake. BRILLIANT
    Can you buy those eyes anywhere?

  8. Did anyone see Eastenders Pauline Fowler in this advert seated at the table ?

    • Wendy Richard who played Pauline Fowler died in 2009 so I would be really worried if it was her !

      I wonder if you mean Linda Robson, who is well know for playing Tracy in Birds of a feather ?

  9. The little girl is just amazing..natural dancer. Love the ad. Class. Well done asda.

  10. Love love love this advert! Probably the only advert i watch fully. The little girl is amazing. Love the soundtrack, takes me back!!! X

  11. I think its a good advert for (adults) and sound track is cool.. but for my children i think it too scary.. this advert is too much.. a PG not a U
    Thanks chris

  12. The best advert for Halloween yet! Love the girl and wud love to know if u can buy them lites for those lush green eyes? Brilliant!

  13. Brilliant Halloween advert love it when it’s shown
    Young girl with a lot of talent Well done

  14. Great AD! I even downloaded it.

  15. Little girl dancer is fantastic, who is she. Choreography is first rate and make-up too. Best add in ages. However, skeletor and he man “time of my life” routine is better, just.

  16. Love this advert & the little girl is a teriffic mover. .love, love, love, love it.

    • Ikr

  17. Best best advert I’ve seen in years song took me back

  18. Best Halloween advert! Little girl is really talented such a good dancer. Well done

  19. My little boys are petrified of the asda Halloween advert.
    Can it be on TV after 8 or 9 pm ?!
    I think the eyes are abit much !

    • Nah whats the problem the eyes are cool!

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