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Levi’s – Music Project – Loyle Carner

Music: The Isle Of Arran | Artist : Loyle Carner

Levi's - Music Project - Loyle Carner

This Levi’s advert starring Loyle Carner promotes The Levi’s Music Project, a global platform that collaborates with top artists to provide access to music and inspire the next generation of…

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Levi’s – Circles

Music Track: Makeba

Music Artist: Jain

Levi's - Circles
Levi’s celebrates “circles” with this TV ad showing people of all different cultures and backgrounds dancing in their jeans. With the slogan ‘Lets live

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Levi’s – Live in Levi’s

Music Track: Rumble And Sway

Music Artist: Jamie N Commons

Levi's - Live in Levi’s
Part of the global “Live in Levi’s” campaign, this Levi’s TV ad invites viewers to wear them, dare

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Levi’s – 501

Music Track: Underwater Love

Music Artist: Smoke City

Levi's - 501
The incredibly successful Levi 501 adverts continued strong throughout the 90’s. This particular instalment first aired in 1997 with a

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