Hyundai Tucson – Lucky Guy

Music: Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me | Artist : Evelyn Knight

Hyundai Tucson - Lucky Guy

Hyundai promote their Tucson SUV with this ad that shows aman enjoying family life with their Tucson very much part of their journey. The ad asks “isn’t is funny how the harder you work, the luckier you get?”.

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ITV – New season of Drama

Music: Mass No. 19 in D Minor ‘Requiem’: VII. Lacrimosa | Artist : Mozart

ITV - New Season of Drama

ITV promote their new season of upcoming drama’s including Strangers, Unforgotten, Dark Heart, Butterfly & Vanity Fair. The music in the advert is…

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NHS – We Are The NHS

Music: To Build A Home (feat. Patrick Watson) | Artist : The Cinematic Orchestra

NHS - We Are The NHS

The NHS have launched a new heart-felt recruitment campaign TV Ad for 2018 in a push to fill the gap of nurse shortages across the UK. The song in the…

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