Nationwide – Voices Nationwide “Crimbo Limbo”

Music Track: Crimbo Limbo

Music Artist: Flo & Joan

Nationwide seek to lift our spirits in the post-Christmas period between Christmas Day and New Year with this humorous ‘Crimbo Limbo’ performance by British musical comedy duo Flo & Joan. The piano/percussion pair, (real names Nicola and Rosie Dempsey), have headlined and played to sold-out audiences across North America and the UK. ‘Crimbo Limbo’ was especially commissioned for the advert and is not currently available for download.


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Caitlin Weir

These are so annoying can’t stand when these come on we have to change the channel so we don’t have to listen to so much c**p what on earth does it have to do with a bank

Dishy Donna

It’s not a bank…. it’s a Building Society !! get your facts right being criticising others !!!!

catherine McG

OMG have people completely lost their sense of humour. Its brilliantly silly and funny. I love every single one of the adverts with these two. In a world of badness it cheers me up.


Cheers me up every time! Masters of their craft 🙂

Caron unwin-lee

They are brilliant

Valerie Clark

For goodness sake if these two keep coming on I not only will keep turning them off but will cancel my Nationwide account as they are driving me nuts


[…] the success of the ‘Crimbo Limbo‘ duet advert, Nationwide have released another TV advert featuring Flo & Joan. This time […]

Susan collins

Love Crimbo Limbo totally on the nail.


As crafters, many of us are totally distracted by the fact the zip on the front of the navy onesie has been so badly inserted, the pattern does not match across properly……, and why is she holding an egg??