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If your looking for a piece of music featured in a TV advert or trailer that is not listed on the site, you can use this discussion page to hunt down the information. Feel free to seek out or contribute to any TV music related information from here. Join in the discussion and you can even apply to become a Sounds-Familiar moderator yourself if you feel up to the challenge!

We can find music for TV advert music, series trailers and movie soundtracks. We can also identify music on adverts not aired on television (e.g. Adverts exclusively published on a brand’s YouTube channel)

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  1. An advert by Squarespace played at 5:30pm on Monday 20th November 2017. I’ve heard the advert before but would like to know the classical piece played after the first five seconds of “Hello Muddah, Hello Father”

    • Loads of Squarespace adverts on their YouTube Channel. Can’t say I see one of that description though. Do you have a url or recording of the exact ad?

  2. Does anyone know who sings on the ‘BT Great TV Brings us Closer’ advert? It features a grandmother and her grandson. Can you help me find the song track for this BT advert. Thanks

  3. Does anyone know who is singing in the new Audi Snow advert?

  4. Take a look at this video on YouTube:

    Hi does anyone know the sings the background song on the new BT – ‘Great TV brings us closer’. Trying to track down song name and artist. Advert features a boy/man called Luke and his grandmother. He uses the quote ‘may the force be with you’ throughout advert. Thank you.

  5. I’m looking for the music in the trailer for The Last Jedi. Anyone getting it on Shazam?


  6. Can anyone help me identify the music for the latest Muller White Velvet advert featuring Nicole Scherzinger? It has the lyrics “Your love baby baby baby what would life be” but I cant find it on lyrics sites anywhere.

    • Hi Beth

      We are having trouble identifying this one. Our moderators are on the case though so watch this space!

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