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Levi’s – Sta-Prest (Flat Eric)

Aug 01, 1999No Comments

Music Track: Flat Beat

Music Artist: Mr Ozio

Levi's - Sta-Prest (Flat Eric)
This Levi TV advert featuring Flat Eric the yellow puppet head banging to the track Flat Beat by Mr Ozio… Read More

British Airways – Aria on Air

Apr 01, 1999No Comments

Music Track: Aria On Air

Music Artist: Malcolm McLaren

British Airways - Aria on Air
Released in 1989, this is quite possibly one of British Airways most iconic… Read More

Levi’s – 501 (Pool Game)

Mar 03, 1999No Comments

Music Track: Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Music Artist: Clash

Levi's - 501 (Pool Game)
In 1991 this ad appeared from Levi's for their popular 501… Read More



Levi’s – 501 (Brad Pitt)

Mar 02, 1999No Comments

Music Track: 20th Century Boy

Music Artist: T-Rex

Levi's - 501 (Brad Pitt)
This ad was released in 1990 featuring a young Brad Pitt. The music is '20th… Read More