LV – Multicar – From the Heart

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Music Track: Have Love Will Travel

Music Artist: The Sonics

LV - Multicar - From the Heart
LV promote their multicar insurance product with this – Las Vegas Road Trip

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Music Track: The Boys Are Back In Town

Music Artist: Thin Lizzy - Las Vegas Road Trip
James Corden is back with this

NFU Mutual – Real Conversations

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Music Track: Shout To The Top

Music Artist: The Style Council

NFU Mutual - Real Conversations
This advert by NFU Mutual promotes their various types – #sheepwhisperer

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Music Track: Town Called Malice

Music Artist: The Jam - #sheepwhisperer
James Cordon is the "Sheep Whisperer" in this advert by as he – James Corden The Drive...

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Music Track: Let’s Stick Together

Music Artist: Bryan Ferry - James Corden The Driver
James Corden features in's latest TV ad showing

MoneySuperMarket – #EpicSquads

Sep 03, 20161 Comment

Music Track: Dirrty

Music Artist: Christina Aguilera Feat. Redman

MoneySuperMarket - #EpicSquads
"The strutters saved on their car insurance and the builders saved on their – James Cordon is the dr...

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Music Track: Get It On

Music Artist: T. Rex - James Cordon is the driver
Has's Brian the Robot turned in to James

Aviva – #SaveSmarter Challenge

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Music Track: Money

Music Artist: The Flying Lizards

Aviva - #SaveSmarter Challenge
James Corden features in this TV ad from Aviva to promote their Save