Consumer Electronics

Apple iPad – All Your Stuff

Jul 18, 2018No Comments

Music: Da Diddy Da (feat. Gigarok) | Artist : Squeak E. Clean
Apple promote their iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with these three TV commercials entitled…

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Sunrise Gold

Jun 19, 2018No Comments

Music: [TBC] | Artist : [TBC]
Samsung introduce their new Sunrise Gold edition of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones with this short TV ad showing

Apple – Behind The Mac

Jun 15, 2018No Comments

Music: Story of an Artist | Artist : Daniel Johnston
Apple promote the Apple Mac with this ad stating that "behind the Mac people are making

Apple iPhone X – How To Shoot Footbal...

Jun 15, 2018No Comments

Music: 1,2,1,2 | Artist : George the Poet
Apple show "how to shoot football" using the iPhone X with this advert in tandem with… Read

Google – Make Google Do It

Jun 11, 2018No Comments

Music: Tonight You Belong To Me | Artist : The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys
Google promote their Google Assistant with this ad which stars comedian David

Beats By Dre – Made Defiant

Jun 08, 2018No Comments

Music: Various | Artist : Various Artists

Beats By Dre have released this star-studded promotional video narrated by Paul Anderson with special appearances by

Apple Iphone X – Animoji Taxi Driver

Jun 04, 2018No Comments

Music: Citizen Kane | Artist : HYUKOH

Yet another iPhone X TV advert from Apple promoting the Animoji feature of their high-end smartphone. The

Samsung – Keep Grooving

May 18, 2018No Comments

Music: I'm So Excited | Artist : The Pointer Sisters
Samsung - Keep Grooving
Samsung promote their Bixby feature which allows users of their