BMW – 24 Hour Test Drive

Music: What A Diff'rence A Day Makes | Artist : Dinah WashingtonBMW - 24 Hour Test Drive
BMW promote their 24 hour test drive service in the ultimate 'try before you… Read More

Citroen – C4 Cactus

Music: All in All| Artist: SuperjavaCitroen - C4 Cactus
Citroën promote "Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™" in the suspension and "Advanced Comfort Seats" of the C4 Cactus with this TV advert. It… Read More

Mercedes-Benz – Approved Used

Music: Bulletproof | Artist : La RouxMercedes-Benz - Approved Used
This advert by Mercedes-Benz promoting their Approved Used service uses the analogy of a women not having much luck in finding… Read More

Skoda Karoq – Paloma Faith

Music: Make Your Own Kind of Music | Artist: Paloma FaithSkoda Karoq - Paloma Faith
Skoda launch a new advert for their Karoq midsize crossover… Read More

Mercedes-Benz – C Class

Music: By My Side (Cover)| Artist: Martin GallopMercedes-Benz - C Class
This new advert by Mercedes-Benz for their C-Class Saloon and Estate has the tagline "Go wherever your heart takes… Read More

Mini – The Mini Hatch

Music Track: Unidentified

Music Artist: Unidentified

Mini - The Mini Hatch
These adverts by Mini introduce the Mini 5-Door and 3-Door hatch with the tagline "Explore More Corners". The music in the ad… Read More

Fiat Tipo S-Design – S for Sport, S for Style

Music Track: Dynamite (Vice & DJ Spider Remix)

Music Artist: Nicky Blitz

Fiat Tipo S-Design - S for Sport, S for Style
Fiat promote their new Tipo S-Design calling it sporty, stylish, social… Read More

Volvo XC40 – What Car? Car of the year 2018

Music Track: My Favourite Things

Music Artist: Jennie Abrahamson

Volvo XC40 - Car of the year 2018
Volvo celebrate the XC40 winning What Car? Car of the year 2018 with this TV ad… Read More