John Lewis – Christmas 2017 #MozTheMonster

10th November 2017

Music Track: Golden Slumbers (Beatles Cover)

Music Artist: Elbow

The John Lewis Christmas advert for 2017 features a young boy called Joe and his imaginary friend, Moz the Monster who have so much fun together, it keeps the boy awake at night. For Christmas, Joe receives a star projection light to help him finally get a good night’s sleep. The music in the advert is a cover version of the Beatles Golden Slumbers recorded and performed by English indie-rock band Elbow who are also launching a new ‘Best of Elbow’ album. Golden Slumbers was recorded by the Beatles in 1969 as the B side of their classic 1969 Abbey Road, the song is based on the poem The Cradle Song, written by dramatist Thomas Dekker in 1603.

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  1. Not sure about the ad but John Lewis seem to always get top marks on the music they pick. Love Guy Garvey’s voice, so homely.

  2. Love the advert

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